Personalized 3D Heart Models Research

The main question for the healthcare industry in the current scenario is what are the factors which are causing the high percentage growth rate of cardiovascular diseases in developed and developing countries and of course in undeveloped countries as well, according to our analysis the overall percentage of the people who have died because of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is 85%. Another interesting fact that we would like to mention here is according to World Health Organization (WHO) 1.28 billion people are having hypertension condition and it is also considered the reason for premature death worldwide.

The rising stress levels among the people of developed countries as there are many reasons which is contributing to this fact some of the major ones include the unhealthy lifestyle the consumption of excess alcohol, smoking, rising stress levels because of personal or professional aspects, the major objective of the healthcare industry worldwide is to reduce the percentage of the non-communicable disease and yes hypertension is one of them.

The rising trend and the innovations in terms of drugs, technology, and the rising investments are what’s driving the healthcare sector, when we focus on personalized heart models healthcare experts have confirmed that the image of the patient’s heart is taken by the means of MRI or any other advance imaging machine which creates a 3D heart model exactly same as patient’s heart. There were several arguments related to the cost factor and the time required for the same so according to our survey there is an institution that is particularly focusing on the production of personalized heart models & according to that institute, the major factors which are assigned with the personalized heart models are that it helps in terms of planning, execution of critical surgery, training, communicating with the patient’s families and relatives for giving better clarity and also it has stated that the healthcare industry is prioritizing the minimum variable cost factor. 

The major objective of the healthcare professionals behind the use of the 3D heart models is to avoid the risk associated with the surgery, many times complicated cases require an experimental gateway which was not possible a decade ago, and this what is creating a white space for the 3D heart models to attract opportunities to grow. Yes! there were many arguments related to the cost factor and the requirement of the latest technological infrastructure as these models require high-end imaging systems, software and advanced machines and a highly skilled workforce, and all these problems are being faced in underdeveloped regions. The raw data provided state that approximately 70% of people lack access to cardio surgery and the reasons are obvious; lack of healthcare professionals, and as we mentioned earlier the lack of infrastructure is the biggest constrain but the major initiative by the government of the respective nations in terms of investment which is happening post-pandemic is what will support the growth of the market in the coming years.

The official statement from the cardiac surgeons related to how the use of 3D heart models has been helpful during the initial phases of the surgery and the assurances related to the same has given a positive outlook to the personalized heart models.

A congenital heart defect is a very complex heart disease and is been considered a birth disease, so the patient suffering from the congenital heart disease has to go through several procedures and treatment processes in terms of surgeries, scanning, monitoring etc. There are many cliches which claim healthcare industry is progressing and there are so many new technologies available, why there is an actual need for 3D heart models for the treatment of congenital heart disease, as the risk factor is high or the lack of accuracy may even result in patient’s death, as we mentioned earlier this disease is very complex it has several treatment procedures so this is where the surgeons have assured that how 3D personalized heart models can help them to pre-analyze the case and how also it helps in planning to get the exact road map to the surgery’s which are in the pipeline related to the disease.

These are the critical factors which we have poured in this article regarding how the use of the 3D heart models are been done and how it is going to change the situation of the cardiac as the adoption rate is also gradually increasing which will overall impact the market and the healthcare industry as well.

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