Reports Bundled Package

No of Reports Price
5 reports USD 17,500
10 reports USD 29,750


  • The client can mix and match the reports from all the 1600+ reports on our website
  • Client can ask for upto 60 hours of additional customization for each of the report(s)
  • The reports would be in printable and sharable format with no limit to the number of users
  • Pre books can also be accepted depending on client's requirements
  • An excel sheet would be delivered along with the PDF
  • 30 mins of walk-through session per report would be provided on a complimentary basis
  • P.S.: We also offer custom bundle packages in case if your need is different

    Macro Membership Package


  • Access to over 1600 reports from across various industry verticals like Healthcare, Chemicals, Semiconductor, ICT, FnB, Automotive, AnD for 1 year timeframe
  • Reports delivered would be in form of a PDF
  • 2 complimentary Q&A sessions with the analysts per month to help you crack down the data
  • 30% discount on the upcoming titles or pre-booking
  • 40% discount on the next subscription cycle
  • All reports would be in a printable and sharable format and accessible to everyone within the organization

  • Nano Membership Package


  • All the benefits of Micro Membership package plus,
  • 24*5*365 analysts support for all the verticals
  • Free biannual update of 200 reports of your choice
  • 60% discount on the next subscription cycle
  • 1 custom report of less than USD 10000 in value would be provided free of charge