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Tourism and dental cosmetics in Turkey. Prior to the introduction of tourism, dentistry was associated with other "medical combinations" (dental, medical, and other health-related departments in "one" centre or building). A package deal for dental work and travel that is less expensive overall than the expense of only getting dental work done in the majority of countries. Turkey is one of the countries where this kind of bundle is expanding quickly. Turkey and America are different in that, for instance, a root canal in America may cost you more, whereas in Turkey, you can get the same treatment and explore the city for less money.



The term "Turkey teeth" refers to the growing tendency of people travelling to Turkey for crowns, which require shaving off 70% of the calcium bone to get a flawless smile at a significantly lower cost than in other nations.

However, dental professionals have stated that the operation can put people at danger of pulpit, gum abscess, nerve damage, tooth death, and significant discomfort.

A survey of 1,000 dentists in the UK was recently undertaken, and the results showed that 597 of them had treated patients who had difficulties after receiving dental treatment in Turkey.

The internet is currently awash in the "turkey teeth" craze. Numerous Britons' dental health is suffering due to the constant hype that Love Island's Jack Fincham and Katie Price are creating. They had cosmetic dental work done in Turkey, but now they have dental problems like dead stumps, abscesses, and nerve damage.

Many Britons have suffered major difficulties as a result of a dentistry craze that entails travelling abroad to achieve picture-perfect teeth.

People who travelled abroad to receive inexpensive crowns have been treated by hundreds of dentists in the UK for painful problems. This fashion style is known as "Turkey teeth."


What are turkey teeth?

Turkey teeth are a dentistry fad that require shaving down the natural tooth to a stub and then applying glue to the top. Celebrities like Katie Price and Jack Fincham popularized this technique. The cap's colour, size, and shape are all customization for patients. In the past few years, many of Britons have travelled abroad in search of affordable crowns in the hope of finding the ideal Pearlies.


Why is it called turkey teeth?

The practise of travelling to nations like Turkey for less expensive dental care is where this cosmetic fad gets its name. Due in part to the practice's fame on Tik Tok, it has grown in popularity in the UK. 130 million people have viewed the hashtag "Turkey teeth" on TikTok. In order to have the "ideal smile" for her son's wedding, Lisa Martyn, 48, travelled to Turkey for veneers, according to the story. To make teeth look better, tiny shells called veneers are bonded to the teeth. Instead, 60 to 70 percent of Martyn's natural tooth was filed down to a stub and a crown was cemented on top.


Is It Harmful?

Dentists have cautioned individuals that the procedure can result in significant problems. After receiving crowns in Turkey, Martyn has been afflicted with terrible pain and nerve damage.

An infection and an abscess were the result of the agony. Her only choices will cost her more than 2000 euros each: implants or dentures.

Financially speaking, she will be crippled, but she claims that this is the price she must pay after travelling to Turkey and having all of her teeth filed down.

It has been discovered that many millennials who have veneers in Turkey don't even realise what work has been done, leading them to commit to a lifetime of unneeded, expensive, and unpleasant procedures.

The clinic continued, saying that patients are faced with the "hard reality of a lifetime of dental work, spending much beyond the cost of having veneers done in the UK, and sometimes our clients have no idea what work they've really had done, or what's needed in resolving the issue."


The expensive price of discount crowns

It could initially appear less expensive to receive medical care abroad. Long-term costs for the patient could end up being thousands higher than they would have been if the procedure had been performed by a qualified and licenced professional in the first place.

The Harley Street Smile Clinic reported that it has been overrun with young people in recent years who have been duped by cheap cosmetic dentistry clinics in Turkey.


What is the effect after treatment people face?

These teeth frequently appear extremely artificial because they are larger and whiter than they should be. There have been worries that this procedure may be extremely unpleasant and come with problems like nerve damage, tissue damage, intense pain, swelling and redness, and chewing difficulties.

When comparing veneers and crowns, the latter are better and endure longer than the former. The dentist continues by saying that ceramic must be used to rebuild the tooth structure prior to placing a crown. The dentist warns that this can lead to issues.

When teeth are prepared for crowns, a significant amount of tooth structure is destroyed, which increases the likelihood that the patient will experience discomfort and a great deal of sensitivity because the entire enamel structure will be removed, and they may even get gum abscess and pulpitis.


Experience of some people after treatment what they felt.

Lisa Martyn never anticipated that at the age of 48, she would think about getting dentures. However, she feels that there aren't many alternatives now that she's been abroad for an expensive cosmetic dental operation. "I don't have any teeth. They are greatly filed down, "she claims. They never mentioned the possibility of developing an abscess or losing your teeth. Lisa went to Turkey last year for 26 veneers, which are generally small shells bonded over teeth with minimal contouring, in an effort to achieve the ideal smile for her son's wedding. She found she had actually received crowns several months later. In order to apply a dental cap, 60 to 70 percent of the original tooth must be filed down to fangs or stubs. Patients have a variety of options for the size, type of material, and colour of these caps; however, many select a symmetrical, brilliant smile in white. 10 months later, however, Lisa, an Irishwoman, is still in agonising agony and continues to experience persistent nerve sensitivity. She has lost more than two stone (12.7 kg) since she can't eat properly and has had to rely on painkillers for months. An infection and abscess that resulted from the discomfort nearly paralysed Lisa's entire face, according to Lisa. She paid 3,500 euros (£3,000) for her initial procedure in Turkey, but her private remedial care, which entails two root canal surgeries, would cost her more over 2,000 euros. She has been informed that implants or dentures are the only long-term treatments available. Financially speaking, she will be crippled, but she claims that this is the price she must pay after travelling to Turkey and having all of her teeth filed down.

Google searches for "Turkey Teeth" surged the week Jack appears on the reality show and discussed his teeth.

All things considered, he concedes, "I had little thought what a crown was. I was also unaware that it was that intrusive."

Not every patient who returns has problems.

Since going to Turkey in January, 22 for 16 crowns, Tilly, has no regrets.

I was teased about my teeth ever since I was a kid, she says. I heard comments like "Bugs Bunny" and "how gorgeous I'd be if I didn't have the teeth I had." She claims that the therapy profoundly altered her life. I'm laughing and smiling a lot more. I'm not always covering my mouth like I used to," she claims. I simply feel like I'm becoming more and more of who I am, and it has given me confidence again.

Tilly made a reservation for her treatment by contacting her clinic on Instagram, just like many other people who come to Turkey for crown procedures. The clinic then gave her a treatment plan after asking her to send some pictures of her teeth.



Examining the data. If you travel to Turkey for dental replacement, the shaving-down treatment will harm your natural teeth. The gum line could not be reached by your new teeth, which increases the danger of plaque and gum disease. Additionally, the likelihood of future root canals and sensitive teeth is increased because the enamel has been removed.

Do your research if you're considering getting new teeth in Turkey. The right questions to ask are: What kind of material are the teeth made of? Since when do they perform this procedure? What percentage of them succeed? Do they possess proof of a ruling body? What percentage of attempts fail?

Such type of treatment I can’t say it’s positive or negative but if you want the treatment just go for the reviews research for the treatment you want check all type of advantages and disadvantages and most important how long it would be good and what are the side effects a person is going to face after the treatment. Weather it is cheaper or costly before going through such type of treatment check does it gives you positive result.

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